FreeConverting a HTML template into a WordPress Theme – What to ExpectDownload the Diamond HTML/CSS Template FilesIntegrate HTML template AssetsAdding Google Fonts to WordPress ThemeAdding the custom Navbar and MenuCreating the custom Footer with Widget AreasCreating the custom default Page theme templateHow to use the Featured Image as the Banner BackgroundAdding the Banner code to every WordPress templateAdding the TGM Plugin Activation ScriptAdding Meta Box Demo ScriptAdding a custom Meta Box for the Banner TitleMeta Box for custom Background ImageAdding the Banner Image and Title to every WordPress TemplateAdd a Theme Options Panel and our First OptionAdd a plugin to create a Portfolio Custom Post TypeCustomizing the Portfolio Custom Post Type PluginCreate a Portfolio Archive Page TemplateStyling the Portfolio Items on the Archive PageCreating a Theme Option for the Portfolio BannerCreate the Single Portfolio Page TemplateAdding a Slider to the Portfolio ItemsAdd a bit of Margin to the Portfolio SliderCreating the Services Custom Post TypeCreating the Services TemplateAdding a Theme Option for the Service Page Title ContentStyling the Contact Page TemplateAdding the Homepage Hero BannerAdding the Services Homepage ModuleHow to Dynamically Add Bootstrap RowsHomepage Two Column Content ModuleCreating the Homepage Divider 1Adding the Homepage Portfolio SectionCreating Homepage Divider 2Creating Footer Theme OptionsCustom Logo Theme OptionsCreating a Full Width Page TemplateRemoving Duplicate Page TitleTheme Clean UpRemove Sample Meta DataFreeFinished the HTML to WordPress Theme Series!

This series of tutorials will take you step-by-step and show you how to integrate a HTML template into a WordPress theme. Take your HTML/CSS skills to the next level by creating a WordPress theme.

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