Adding an Author Info Box under each Post

It’s always nice to give the author a little credit for the work they put in to create the content for your blog. In this tutorial, we are going to add an author info/meta box under each post to display content about the author. We will make this author box only appear if the author […]

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  • Customizing and adding features to the backend, now we’re talkin! This is definitely one of the most exciting tutorials. I appreciate the line by line – play by play, great coding resources exposed too. Bookmarking this one, thanks

  • Abu Jorhom

    I have definitely learnt something new today.

  • Code Ecstasy

    Data is not escaped properly in this tutorial. instead of “echo $fbHandle;” you should write “echo esc_url($fbHandle);”. Just a suggestion to use esc_attc, esc_url, esc_html, esc_js where needed. Because these are mandatory in wrodpress

    • Thank you for pointing this out! This slipped my mind while creating this tutorial. I will update the written section.

  • frede_z

    Hi Brad, I’m really getting a lot from the videos,BIG THANKS!
    In the video titled “Adding an Author Info Box under each Post”
    When I add the social link info into the users contact info in the dashboard their respective icons show up in the well next to the authors avatar. When I fill in the authors website info, I can’t see where it’s posting the website. Are the authors website supposed to show up somewhere in the well next to their avatar and social icon links?

    Looking forward to all the new tutorials !

  • John Prasetya

    thank you,
    this tutorial is useful to me.
    I found another tutorial create author box with bootstrap, may be a reference also please check

  • Kevin

    Hey Brad,

    I’m having difficulty getting the fa icons to be visible. I added the code as you outlined, and you can even find the links when the inspector, but they are invisible. What did I do wrong here?

    • Kevin

      Here is a screen cap

      • What version of Font Awesome are you using? Do you have any console errors? If you are still having issues please create a topic in the forum.

        • Kevin

          4.6.1 of font awesome and no console errors. I’ll go ahead and post to the forum. thanks