Adding some CSS styles for the Blog layout

This short tutorial goes over how to add some CSS styles to change the look and feel of our blog layout. We will also add some styles to make sure images stay within our defined containers. This will also make sure our WordPress theme stays responsive. Steps Not much here, but in the Media section […]

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  • Brad, I like that you pointed out where to find the code in the stylesheet and what line number. That is something other tutorials never seem to mention. I think if you keep stating those types of tibits, you’ll find that your students will be pleased.

  • Just wanted to mention in case anyone else has this issue, I added a height to embed,iframe,object,img { max-width: 100%; height: auto; } the images were not resizing properly for me. YouTube videos never seem to display properly for me without a custom class, here is what I use in case anyone is interested

  • I noticed the image was not responding retaining the image’s aspect ratio. @zeaks:disqus , thank you for the YouTube video CSS code. Here’s the one for images that worked for me:
    Father God bless<