Adding a new widget area and Left Sidebar page template

In this tutorial you will learn how to: Add a new widget area Add a new page template Use the Bootstrap push and pull classes All of these will be used to make a left sidebar page layout for your theme. This is a good tutorial to learn how to combine widget areas and page […]

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  • Brad makes WordPress theme development a cinch!

  • Thanks, appreciate this video on template building. Question: with the way WordPress is insisting on theme controls in the Customizer, is there anything different we’ll need to do to add / edit widget blocks in the future? I noticed the sidebar-left did not show up in the customizer after completing this section

  • Leon Gotje

    If you want your left sidebar on the left side at your widget overview, just register this sidebar before the default one

  • CU

    I follow your tutorial and my code for template-sidebar-left.php looks like yours. When I go to WordPress to select the page template, which is working well, the drop down menu shows: “Template Name: Sidebar Left* * The template for displaying the left sidebar page.* * @package nameofmytheme” instead of just Sidebar Left.

  • ernesto

    Hi Brad,
    this morning after fallowing this tut for two days I noticed that i need to start all over again because I did not download your original files, so now reaching this episode and not messing anything(working with your files), when i select the template sidebar left the result is a white page but when i select the default everything work fine except the footer that i have to figure it out.
    my site is