Downloading the WordPress Theme

Our tutorials are going to use as the starter theme for our tutorials on building a premium WordPress theme. Couple reasons why we picked to use this theme:

  • includes HTML5 markup
  • very minimal, which is good since we will be learning, customizing, and adding features
  • GPL license, so we can do whatever we want with it
  • tons of smart people have contributed to it – so it’s a no brainer..

The video below goes over how to Download the theme. Pretty simple, but a necessary step to get up and running. 

The next tutorial will dig into the starter theme files and explain how a basic WordPress theme works. Stay tuned!

Please Read: The first premium tutorial in this series has a download link to the Underscores theme I downloaded at this time. If this is the first WordPress theme you have developed, I would HIGHLY recommend downloading the theme I use so you can follow the tutorials and have the same code base. This will help you follow along and understand everything.