Installing the starter theme and getting ready for local development

Short video that goes over how to install your starter theme into your local wp-content/themes directory. We then go to and download an XML file that will upload all kinds of test content into your local development environment. You should now have your blank starter theme with all the filler content ready to go.

Now it is time to start integrating Bootstrap within the starter WordPress theme and start creating your premium theme!

  • is a great resource for populating some dummy content. Thanks Brad for that tip.

  • maurizio

    Am I stupid?
    There is not a single step thats working.
    This plugin as well. It doesn’t recognize users, it doesn’t creat posts.

    • What plugin are you talking about? This tutorial goes over how to install an XML file for sample content. What isn’t working? Are you getting errors messages?

      • maurizio

        Yes, you are right, i got frenzy.
        The error is about 5-6 users, it isn’t able to perform them.
        After that I look to the posts and nothing happens.
        I restart everything from the beginning and I’ll see what happen.

        • What error is displayed?

          • maurizio

            Now it is ok, sure it’s my bad.
            Step by step I’ll finish this tutorial.
            Thanks for caring, and sorry.

          • Great, glad you got it sorted out.

  • tanu bedi

    error occurred in wptest.xml file when i import.:(

    • What error are you getting? I have noticed in the past that WP sometimes errors out, but still uploads the data. There is also a post in the forum that goes over uploading the sample data.

  • Jatin Johny

    This is frustrating!
    While Importing wptest.xml file, I encountered this error:
    WP_Import::bump_request_timeout() should be compatible with WP_Importer::bump_request_timeout($val) in /vagrant/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-importer/wordpress-importer.php on line 38

    • Jatin Johny

      I solved it myself. Simpy changing the function signature and assign default argument.

      • The WP Importer plugin is wonky sometimes. Normally you just have to re-import the data a couple times.

  • Christopher Clark

    Lots of failures: Failed to create users. Failed to import media.

    • I have noticed that sometimes it fails, but actually imports some of the media. In that case, I normally try uploading the file again.

      • Christopher Clark

        Hi Brad, Turns out the users were created. But the media is a bit of a mess. I tried reuploading to no avail, so I dragged all the media files into the WP media pane. Only about half showed up correctly. The other half have incorrect paths in the html (pointing to instead of my local install).

        • That’s a bummer. You could delete all the data from the DB and try again if you wanted. At the end of the day, this is just filler data for your theme. It isn’t required to continue the tutorials or do any further development. It sucks that the WP Import plugin is so terrible at times.


      They Got Solution For This On Github Page