Overview of the Underscores.me starter WordPress theme files

We put together a short video that goes over the files included in the starter theme we will be using to build our premium WordPress themes. Underscores.me includes all the files you need to start development on a WordPress theme. The video below briefly describes the included files and how they are used. We will dig deeper into each file and how they work as we build out different pages and functionality.

  • Oana Gansca

    Hey Brad,

    Thanks a lot for the tutorials they are great. A friendly advice though, you should really speak up and maybe try to be more cheerful, it sure sound as you are falling asleep sometimes.

    • Oana,

      Thanks for the feedback. The first tutorial series I had a different headset so the sounds quality is a little weak. As you move forward I hope you notice a change. As for the ton, I guess that is just me.. Haha. I am actually excited to record the tutorials videos. I will work on it though. Thanks again!

    • Dax

      I’ve got to agree. The tutorials are very useful, but the tone is a bit unnerving.

      • Thanks for the feedback. When I first started, I didnt have the correct mic. They should get better as you go. I still need to work on being more cheerful, I just get in the zone. Thanks again.

  • Владимир

    Dear Brad, thank You very much for the tutorials. I would prefer a written form as my English is poor, You see.

    • Thanks for the feedback. There is written tutorials for a majority of the courses. I will keep this in mind moving forward.

  • Nicole O’Neal

    Hello Brad,

    Is there anything that can be done with the video being blurry? I can’t even read the file names… :/


    • All videos are recorded in HD. YouTube and Vimeo normally pick the setting for you depending on your personal internet speed. You can switch it manually in the bottom right of the video click the like wheel(cog)/or HD(vimeo) button and pick the higher quality format.