Setup a Page to Display all the Products

This tutorial goes over how to create an archives page to display all the Easy Digital Downloads products.

Notes from the Video

  1. You can find a sample grid layout template over in the Easy Digital Downloads documentation here. In this tutorial, I used an archives template file instead. Either option will work.
  2. Duplicate the page.php template file and name it archive-download.php
  3. Edit the get_template_part to use a new file called content-downloads.php
  4. Duplicate the content-download.php file and name it content-downloads.php
  5. Edit the archive-download.php file to be full width and remove the sidebar. Using Bootstrap, my archive-download.php file looks like the following:
  6. We now want to use Bootstrap classes to put our products into a grid. To do this we need to edit the content-downloads.php file to include Bootstrap grid classes. At this point, my content-downloads.php looks like the following:
  7. Since I am using Bootstrap, I also need to make sure my columns are wrapped in a div class="row" as the Bootstrap documentation covers. To do this, I need to edit the archive-download.php file to look like the following:
  8. Now that we have the products displayed in a grid, we can edit the template and make it display the content in a different way. In the video, I edited the content-downloads.php file to look like the following:
  9. That’s it! You now have a page to display all your products with an image, title, and price. Customize the page and make it look however you would like.