Single Page Template for Easy Digital Download

This tutorial goes over how to create a custom template file to display our single downloads. This will allow us to create a custom look and feel for our digital products and not use the default single post layout/template.

Steps from the Video

  1. In your theme files duplicate single.php and name it single-download.php
  2. Duplicate content-single.php and save it as content-download.php
  3. In the template part of single-download.php make sure it is calling content-download.php like the code below:
  4. Remove the entry meta code from content-download.php, the template file should now look like:
  5. In the functions.php file register a new sidebar with the following:
  6. Add the new downloads sidebar to the single-download.php file like the following:
  7. Create a new file in the root of your WordPress theme called sidebar-download.php. This file should look similar to the following:
  8. You should now have a widget area called Downloads in Appearance -> Widgets. Once you add widgets to this section, you will see them only on the download pages. Pretty neat!