Turning the starter theme into our Premium WordPress theme

This is a quick video that briefly goes over our plans with this course. The end goal is to take our starter theme from Underscorces.me and turn it into one of our most popular WordPress themes, StrapPress. Once we have the base of StrapPress built, we will start adding other features and styles. This will be similar to the themes over at GentsThemes.com.

This will show you how to take existing CSS/HTML Bootstrap templates and turn them into premium WordPress themes. The first goal will be to build StrapPress, this will give us a solid base theme/framework to build all of our other premium themes off of. Even though StrapPress itself is a nice standalone theme.

Some thing you will learn building StrapPress:

  • How to integrate Bootstrap into a WordPress theme
  • Adding the Font Awesome icon font into a WordPress theme
  • Creating the Bootstrap menu within a WordPress theme
  • Add the responsive Bootstrap classes within a WordPress theme
  • Creating custom page templates with a WordPress theme
  • Adding custom post types to the WordPress theme for things like a portfolio section
  • Adding a theme option panel so users can customize the theme without digging into the code

Once StrapPress is built with all the features above, we will use it as a base to start building other premium themes. This will include:

  • Integrating existing CSS/HTML Bootstrap templates into WordPress
  • Full width and different style page layouts/templates
  • Adding meta boxes to custom page templates and custom post types for further functionality
  • Integrating the Bootstrap carousel, tabs, and other JS components into our WordPress themes
  • Further theme options functions/fields
  • Integrating Easy Digital Downloads and/or WooCommerce into the theme
  • Different ways to use custom post types throughout WordPress themes

This is just touching the surface. As the BootstrapWP.com community grows and as we pick up new users there will be further suggestions and ideas on what we should integrate into our WordPress themes. This means all the courses and lessons are not set and stone and will be open to suggestions based on your needs.

Note: If for some reason this video isn’t loading, try opening the following link in a different browser. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfMW3an_1d4

If building premium Bootstrap WordPress themes is something you are interested in, stick around and check out our other tutorials.