Updating our WordPress theme to the latest Bootstrap version

This video tutorial goes over how to update our WordPress theme to use the latest version of Bootstrap. Steps Download Bootstrap from getbootstrap.com Unzip Bootstrap and add the CSS, JS, and Font files to your theme in the correct directories Go to Bootswatch.com and download and update all the theme CSS files Done! Notes from […]

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  • licarrit

    These videos have been fantastic! Clear, concise, confidence building! I can actually debug now. I know where and more importantly why to add something. I am actually sorry I’m out of videos. Wanna tackle adding parallax to bootstrapwp? I know customers are going to ask for it.

    • Glad you liked the videos. I will put the parallax on the to-do list for future tutorials. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Shawn Latta

    I have a question,How would you do an automatic push update for a customer/client that you support over the internet and you dont want to screw up there install?It seems you just cant update everything according to this vid!

    • There are a few options you could use to send notifications to your users. One would be something like EDD software licensing (https://easydigitaldownloads.com/downloads/software-licensing/) another options would be something like wp-updates.com (http://wp-updates.com/).

      Both would allow you to make changes an push an update. Before I used either of these, I would send out an email telling my customers there is an update and manually send them the new files. It was a pain, but worked..

      • Shawn Latta

        Thanks for the speedy reply ill keep those in mind by the way i just started the theme options class! AWESOME S!#IT man cant wait to finish it so i can by a house in Hollywood LOL LOL!!