Variable Pricing and Shopping Cart Link

This tutorial goes over how to check if variable pricing is enabled on certain digital products. If it is, we will display the variable pricing options, if not we will display the single price. I also go over how to add a shopping cart link to the header of the WordPress theme that displays how many items are in the cart.

Notes from the Video

  1. To check for variable pricing, you can grab the Easy Digital Downloads if statement from here
  2. To create the custom add to cart links, you can get the example code from the Easy Digital Downloads documentation here
  3. The last thing we did in the video is add the cart quantity to the header. You can add this code where ever you would like throughout your theme. The example code can be found here

That is all for now, I hope these tutorials helped you understand how you can quickly get a digital downloads store up and running with Easy Digital Downloads. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.