Word Wrapping with CSS

Short video tutorial on targeting and adding CSS properties to support non-breaking content. In this video, you learn how to target all the primary content as well as the content in the sidebar.

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  • CSS-Tricks and Chris Coyier – one of my favorite resources – he’s pretty consistent with solid articles, unless he’s in Switzerland or Sweden…( missed his emails while he was overseas )

  • bn86
  • Gregg Fisher

    The provided css did not work in IE, so I played with it a bit until it was consistent across IE, FF, Chrome. I posted the revised style and a SCSS/Compass mixin here: https://bootstrapwp.com/topic/word-wrapping/

  • Jatin Johny

    I don’t know why but i don’t have to add this css trick. Mine is already wrapping word as its doing after applying those css tricks. Another mystery!

  • Gavin Schriver

    For some reason I cannot seem to get the stylesheet to save with this change. When I inspect my page, #primary and #secondary have no rules associated with them. Other style changes seem to work fine… any idea what could be causing this problem?

  • Rohit Wesley

    This hack is not working for me . I have used recent versions of everything with bootstrap 3