Theme Clean Up

This video goes over how to get our theme ready to be deployed to the public. I will go over how to rename the theme and clean it up a bit.

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The perfect base WordPress theme

If you like using Bootstrap and WordPress as much as I do, you should now have the perfect base WordPress theme to start any project moving forward. At this point, our WordPress theme has all the Bootstrap components and features, several custom page templates, styled comments, Font Awesome, custom functions, and much more.

In the following video, I go over how you can use this base theme for your WordPress projects and how you can quickly add a custom homepage to the theme.

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Installing the starter theme and getting ready for local development

Short video that goes over how to install your starter theme into your local wp-content/themes directory. We then go to and download an XML file that will upload all kinds of test content into your local development environment. You should now have your blank starter theme with all the filler content ready to go.

Now it is time to start integrating Bootstrap within the starter WordPress theme and start creating your premium theme!

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Downloading the WordPress Theme

Our tutorials are going to use as the starter theme for our tutorials on building a premium WordPress theme. Couple reasons why we picked to use this theme:

  • includes HTML5 markup
  • very minimal, which is good since we will be learning, customizing, and adding features
  • GPL license, so we can do whatever we want with it
  • tons of smart people have contributed to it – so it’s a no brainer..

The video below goes over how to Download the theme. Pretty simple, but a necessary step to get up and running. 

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